Meet our Mascots | Early Start Discovery Space

Meet our Mascots



CLOUD – the red and white spotted Adventure Seeker!

Hi everyone – I’m Cloud!
You can find Burst and I clouding around the Discovery Space here and there!

My favourite foods are any foods that fuel my IMAGINATION! Particularly, fresh fruit and vegetables to provide me with a steady flow of high quality fuel to my brain! However, once in a while, I do love to secretly indulge in ice cream too…!

In my spare time, I love to meet new people from all different backgrounds! Discovering new cultures, new places and new things is always a delight! The world holds many undiscovered mysteries and adventures waiting to be discovered, so why not make today the day?

I love to think and wonder around everywhere! Everywhere I go is an opportunity for me to learn something new. You can find me going on various adventures, quests and taking on challenges that work your brain to make you THINK BIG!

My favourite experience is the SHIPYARD!


BURST – the blue and white starry Fun Seeker!

Hi everyone – I’m Burst!

You can find Cloud and I bursting around the Discovery Space here and there!

My favourite foods are any foods that are FUN! Fuel your imagination, and i like to CREATE and transform foods into things I want them to be – broccoli to trees and pineapple rings to wheels. Remember, every food can be delicious and fun!

There is never any downtime for me; I love to have fun while meeting new friends along the way. The world holds so much uncharted territories. Why not discover all these, make friends and make the unknown known through having fun!

I love using my imagination by constructing FUN real life situations and exploring all possibilities!

My favourite experience is the CONSTRUCTION ZONE!