Early Start Events


This month Going Places puts children at the helm. We’ll explore different modes of transport, places and adventures – not to mention where our own imagination can take us.


Orienteering 101
Try your navigation skills at Orienteering in March. Grab your compass and explore the beautiful grounds of the University. We have designed two levels of fun for different age groups. Don’t forget to get your stamp at each stop! FREE after entry.
Saturday 16 & 23 (Preschoolers) Sunday 17 & 24 March (Primary)
10.30am – 11.30am
18 months – 4 years (Preschoolers) & 5 – 10 years (Primary)
12 per workshop


Download our March EVENTS CALENDAR for a full list of the dates and times of our Special Activities, Story Time, Art and Craft for March.


Transport Yoga
Transform yourself into a yacht, helicopter, rocket and more with these fun yoga poses. Get your body stretching, preparing for, or rounding off, a great day at the Discovery Space.

Train Travel Guides
Don’t forget your ticket! All aboard for a train line tour of the Discovery Space. Let’s find all the train tickets to help us complete our journey.

Captain’s Orders
Do you know your bow from your port? See how well you can follow Captain’s orders in this fun interactive game.

Playground Adventures
What does your favourite park look like? Could it be even better? It’s time to get creative. Let’s use Lego to build the perfect Park.

Outdoor Sound Hunt
Did you hear that? What was it? Can you tell? Join us on an outdoor adventure around the university. Use your best listening skills to see how many sounds you can identify.

One Two Three….Look and See
How good is your memory? Think you can tell what’s missing? Join us for a fun group game of concentration.

Mystery Flight Standby
We need you! Early Start airlines is recruiting. We need Captain’s, First Officers, Cabin Crew, Passengers and Ground Staff. Come fly with us today?


Map it Out
Create a map of the street where you live. Do you live in a unit, a house or a maybe it’s a two storey house? Are there many cars in your street? What colour is your car?

Circle Painting
This collaborative art project sees us “going places”. Choose a spot and begin by painting a circle. Children will then rotate around the table and add to the previous child’s art to create a super collective artwork.

Get creative and sculpt your own mode of transport. If you’re feeling especially inventive, you can create yourself a new way to get around.

Traction Transition
It’s time to have some wheely good fun. We’ll use cars, bikes, trucks and tractors instead of brushes to bring out our creative side..


Doors in the air
Doors usually take us from one place to another, but… they can also act as a doorway to our own imagination.

Great day for up
Let’s get “Up” beat with this great Dr Seuss classic and discover what’s “Up” in the Discovery Space.

Not a box
A box is just a box….unless it’s not a box. This story shows us all that a box can go as far as your imagination allows.

On the way to Nana’s
Join in on one family’s spectacular adventure counting backwards across the Kimberley.

Wombat goes walkabout
Wombat is looking for his mum. Along the way he meets some wonderful creatures who all think he’s pretty ordinary… until one day.

When we go camping
There’s always something to do when you’re camping from sun up to sunset. Join this busy family in some campsite fun.