Early Start Events



For the month of January, we’ve taken your favourite workshops and shows from 2018 and made them even bigger and better for the summer school holidays!



Get hands-on with superhero costume making, real-life bird safaris, boat making and fairy garden.

Rangers on the Run will visit with their marine touch tank. Watch the amazing Science Space liquid nitrogen show. Explore the world of dinosaurs and fossils with the Australian Museum. Join Honora the circus master for interactive circus play.





Beastie Brunch
Help us feed our fish and water our stick insects every morning. It’s your chance to get up-close and personal with these amazing creatures.

Circus School
Spin a hoop and try out some stilts as you develop your circus skills while improving your strength, flexibility and balance.

Dinosaur Dig
Become a mini paleontologist and explore dinosaur fossils in our hands-on dig. Discover which dinosaurs had sharp claws, gigantic spikes and ferocious teeth!

Ice Cube Rescue
Some mini explorers have gotten trapped in the ice! Use your enquiry skills to question, guess and experiment with different ways to help them get free.

Treasure Hunt
Read and follow your map to discover where to dig for the hidden treasure chests.

Dance the Way I Feel
How do you move when you’re happy or sad? Get up and move your whole body as we express the way we feel through music and movement.

Mime Class
What does it take to become a mime? Find out as we role-play using our facial expressions and bodies.

Plant Protectors
Learn about our most valuable treasure – planet Earth! Help find the different plants in the Discovery Gardens and learn how to take care of them.

Mini Orchestra
Experience being part of an orchestra by following a conductor’s lead and playing various instruments with different tempos and beats.



The Very Cranky Bear
Join us as we try to solve the mystery of why the bear is cranky in Nick Bland’s classic children’s book.

This is a Ball
Pay close attention to this brain-twisting tale as children delight in correcting their grown-ups.

The Book With No Pictures
A book with no pictures sounds boring and serious… until you realise the reader has to say whatever is on the page, no matter how silly!

The Pear That Wasn’t There
Written by Early Start researcher Dr. Steven Howard, bend your body to adopt yoga poses as you explore a tale of self-regulation.

Go Home Cheeky Animals
Find out what happens to all the mischievous cheeky animals at Canteen Creek in this story about family, home and place.



Paint Brushing – Wed 2 till Sun 6
Experiment using paint with brushes… but not paintbrushes! Try toothbrushes, hairbrushes and more to see what kind of effects you can create.

Sock Puppets – Tue 8 till Sun 13
Use a variety of materials to create your own personal sock puppet, then take it for a spin at the Discovery Space Puppet Theatre.

Sea Scratch Printing – Tue 15 till Sun 20
Experiment with scratch foam and printing to create our own sea artwork.

Character sculpting – Tue 22 till Sun 27
Scrunch, twist, and mould to create your own amazing human or animal character using foil and clay.

Parachute Painting – Tue 29 till Sun 3
Create a massive collaborative art piece using a real parachute, paint and some balls.