August is Treasure Month! | Early Start Discovery Space

August is Treasure Month!


Throughout August, all activities in the Discovery Space will be focusing on the terrific  theme of Treasure! Experience the Compass Quest, Gold Rush, Mystery Tummy, Treasure Hunt and more! August is also National Science Week and Book Week, see below for further details.

During National Science Week (14th – 19th August), the Discovery Space will be running an introductory science show called ‘Welcome to Science’, every day of the week (except Wednesday the 15th). For Book Week ( 21st – 26th August) there will be a special puppet show running from 10.30am every day.


National Science Week

Tuesday 14th – Sunday 19th, Inclusive
We will be running a science show called ‘Welcome to Science‘ at 10.30am every day of National Science Week, EXCEPT for Wednesday the 15th. The science show will take everyday objects and demonstrate how they can be used in scientific play.

Book Week

Tuesday 21st – Sunday 26th, Inclusive
This year’s Book Week theme is ‘Finding your Treasure’! Every day this week from 10.30am, we will be running aspecial puppet show called ‘Letter Island‘, in which will explore the sounds represented by written letters, and how these sounds blend together to make words.


SPECIAL ACTIVITIES : 11.30am & 1.30pm  Enjoy a rolling range of Treasure themed special activities throughout the month, including:

  • Build a Treasure
    Use LEGO® bricks to build a number of structures varying in complexity from simple towers to complex shapes such as pirates and even rare treasures!
  • Compass Quest
    Come and learn about how sailors navigated without the use of landmarks to guide them in our Compass Quest activity.
  • Gold Rush
    Come on a gold digging adventure in the cave, as we use special torches to help find the hidden nuggets of gold.
  • Mystery Tummy
    Get ready to use your problem solving skills to discover which mystery animal the tummy belongs too! !
  • Plant Protectors
    Come on a hunt to find where some mystery plants are hiding in the Discovery Gardens! Find out what makes trees happy and help our garden to grow big and strong.
  • Treasure Hunt
    Take part in the ultimate treasure hunt, use a map to find your way around the Discovery Space  and pick up as many clues to discover where the buried treasure might be hiding!

STORY TIME : 10am, 12pm & 2pm

  • Guess which animals are in the boxes with Rod Campbell’s “Dear Zoo”
  • Count the animals in the search for grandmas lost chicken in Eileen Browne’s “Handa’s Hen”
  • Help Mrs Honey find the items missing from her hat in Pam Adams’ classic picture book, “Mrs Honeys Hat”
  • Watch the kids go crazy as they make their way through Beck & Matt Stanton’s “This is a ball”

ART : 11am, 1pm & 3pm

  • Get rich quick by making some ancient coins out of *rare* materials
  • Make your own clay treasure, including vases, sculptures and other ancient artefacts
  • Send secret messages to your pals out of crayons and watercolour
  • Draw up some super secret tea-bag treasure maps where  X marks the spot
  • Use washers, beads and string to make a special piece of jewellery