April – Clues & Mysteries | Early Start Discovery Space

April – Clues & Mysteries

Calling all budding sleuths! Crack the code and uncover the Clues & Mysteries this April and the school holidays. Put your curious mind into action with escape room challenges, robotics, superheroes, code-cracking, guessing games and puzzles. View the EVENTS CALENDAR.


Join us for an escape room style challenge. Build and code your own LEGO® robots. Join our Easter Detectives puppet show. Design your own own superhero costume to take home!


Scroll down to see what Special Activities, Story Time, Art and Craft we have planned for April and download our full calendar to see which activities are on which days.


Animal Guessing Game
What has two legs, a clever brain, and a big smile? Everyone playing the animal guessing game! Listen carefully to the clues to figure out which mystery animals could be in the bag.

The Great Marketplace Heist
Someone has stolen all the fruit and vegies from the marketplace! Help us get our important healthy foods back by following the clues and figuring out which pieces of fruit and veg are where.

Code Crack the Safe
There’s a safe in the Puzzle Room that can only be opened if you have the code… can you find it? Come on an adventure around the Early Start Discovery Space as we hunt for the clues we need to open the safe!

Mystery Tummy
See if you can identify the animal whose tummy you’re crawling through by looking at its teeth, food, and poo!

Rope Partner Puzzle
Can you figure out how to get tied up to a friend and step out of the rope – without having to undo any knots?

Treasure Hunt
Read and follow your map to discover where to dig for the hidden treasure chests!


Scratch Foam Mirror Code – Tuesday 2 till Sunday 7 & Tuesday 16 till Thursday 18 April
Scratch a special design into foam and then print it onto paper to make something secret you can only see in a mirror!

Finger Painting Fingerprints – Tuesday 9 till Sunday 14 April
Copy the lines and swirls of a fingerprint using finger paint, and then transfer it over to your own piece of paper to take home.

Watercolour Resist – Tuesday 23 till Sunday 28 April
Write or draw a secret message or picture, and then see it turn up again when you paint over it with watercolours!


Who pushed Humpty Dumpty?
Did Humpty Dumpty really just fall off the wall, or was there more to the story? Tell the classical version of fairy tales and nursery rhymes before exploring what went on behind the scenes!

Who sank the boat?
A cow, a donkey, a sheep, a pig, and a mouse go for a row in the boat, but it doesn’t seem like the boat can hold their weight! Which one of them sank the boat?

When Floyd’s kite gets stuck in a tree, he tries to throw his favourite shoe up there to knock it out… but it gets stuck too! It turns out not every problem can be solved by throwing things at them… so how will Floyd get his kite back?

Sam and Dave dig a hole
Sam and Dave have a good idea – they are on a mission to find something spectacular, and they won’t stop digging until they do! What kinds of spectacular things will they find?