December is Christmas! | Early Start Discovery Space

December is Christmas!


Christmas in the Discovery Space

Join us for Christmas at the Discovery Space this December! From the 4th to the 30th December, the Discovery Space will be running lots of special Christmas activities that will bring out the creative Christmas spirit in your Children. From finding Santa, making a Christmas tree out of children’s names, to a story about a goose searching for a special star to sit on the top of the Christmas tree, the Discovery Space will put a twinkle in everyone’s eyes this December.


Christmas Detectives Puppet Show

Daily @ 10:30am

Twice daily performances from Tuesday Dec 18th – Sunday Dec 23rd

10:30am & 2:30pm.

In addition to the regularly scheduled Activities, Stories & Art experiences, during the month of December there will be a performance of the Christmas Detectives puppet show.


12 Ways of Christmas

Tuesday December 11th – Sunday December 23rd,

9:30am & 2:00pm

We’ve all heard about the 12 days of Christmas. This month at the Discovery Space, we will celebrate 12 ways of Christmas. We will learn how Christmas is celebrated in 12 countries around the world and will celebrate by participating in a tradition from each of the 12 countries. Visit the Twelve Ways of Christmas page for further details.


Healthy Holidays

Friday December 7th & Saturday December 8th,

12:30 – 1:30pm

Partnering with the Early Start researchers we will host two Healthy Holidays workshops where participants will try some healthy treats and even learn to prepare a tasty healthy snack for when Santa visits on Christmas Eve.

Cost: Members – $3.50 / No-members $5.00

Minimum Age 3yrs due to risk of choking

Bookings Essential


Senses Greetings

Time to get sniffing. Use your nose to try and work out just what the “Christmas Smell” is?

Let’s Find Santa

Join us on a quest through the Discovery Space to find Santa. Find the clues to lead you there.

Christmas Tree Names

How tall will your Christmas tree be? This activity has both literacy and numeracy elements for our visitors to enjoy.

Christmas Lights

Can you get your light to shine? You will complete a circuit using playdoh to get your Christmas lights glowing.

Santa’s Chimney Challenge

Help! The sleigh is broken and the reindeer are sick! We need your help to create a sleigh design that can help Santa still visit everyone.

Healthy Holidays

Sing along to our 12 days of Christmas song…..with an interactive twist.

Story Time – 10:00am, 12:00pm and 2:00pm each day

Stick Man

Stick Man lives in the family tree, with his Stick Lady Love and their stick children three.
This is a wonderful rhythmic story about Stick Man and his attempt to get home to his family.

Suzy Goose and the Christmas Star

It’s Christmas Eve and the Christmas tree is missing a star. Suzy Goose sets off on a journey to fetch the shiny star in the sky. A tale of seasonal magic found in surprising places.

All I Want for Christmas is Rain

An Australian Christmas is threatened when drought takes hold. A little girl has only one wish – for rain. Will her wish come true?

A Homemade Together Christmas

A family of adorable pigs decides that for Christmas this year they will make their gifts rather than buy them. But the littlest pig, Luca, struggles to come up with an idea. What can he make?

10 Little Elves

Ten little elves set off on a mission to rescue Christmas. But what will the little elves do when they meet a growling polar bear, a yowling yeti and a scary Ice Queen? Will the little elves save the day?

Christmas Tales @ The Discovery Space

In this interactive story time session we are all going to make up a story together.

Everyone will pick an item out of the bag and include that item in the story when it’s their turn.

Art – 11:00am – 2:00pm

Chalk Art 

Create your own shimmering Christmas lights. Colour, shape and style are all up to you.

Suzy’s Star

The Christmas tree needs a star for the top. Make your own sparkling masterpiece to take home or add to our Collaborative Tree.

Brush with a Boomer

Santa’s uses six white boomers to deliver gifts when he’s in Australia. Can you paint your own kangaroo?

Festive Slime

Snow white, fluffy, stretchy and sparkly. What else could you possibly need to create this great take home treat?

Flicky Fireworks

New Year’s Eve is near, so it’s time to create your own fantastic water-colour fireworks.

Collaborative Self-Guided Art

Christmas Tree Decorating

We need decorations on our Christmas tree, please stop by and decorate a bauble or two for us to hang on our tree.

Christmas Wishes

Help us create a chain of Christmas Wishes long enough to reach around the whole of the Discovery Space. Drop your wish in the Christmas box and overnight it will be added to our decorations.