Mobile Phone Research Project | Early Start Discovery Space

Mobile Phone Research Project

Our Early Start researchers are about to begin a new study in the Early Start Discovery Space!

The study focuses on understanding the relationship between mobile phone use and parent/child interactions in public spaces.
In the context of this study, the Discovery Space represents a ‘public space’ and provides a great opportunity for our researchers
to gather information about behaviors, habits and practices.


The team will be recruiting around 150 children aged 3-5 years and their parents* to participate between 27th August – 20th December, 2018.
If you attend the Early Start Discovery Space on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, or Fridays you may be asked if you’d like to be involved.


The study is being conducted in collaboration with Prof Tom Robinson from Stanford University. Parents will receive a report summarising their interactions
with their child and their child’s movement in the Discovery Space.
All information that is collected will be kept secure, identified through a code-system and only aggregated data will be reported.
This means that no names or identifying details of your family will be published and your participation will remain anonymous.


Details of the study and what is involved with participating can be found here

*Parents/carers and children are required to speak and understand English.