June is Dinosaur Month! | Early Start Discovery Space

June is Dinosaur Month!


Throughout June, all activities in the Discovery Space will focus on the wondrous world of dinosaurs. Experience Dinosaur Digs, the Diprotodon Dig, Dinosaur poo activities, Move Like a Dinosaur, Egg-avation, a T-Rex Tummy Tour, and Rocks, Fossils & Meteorites and dinosaur themed Story Time and Art. Plus, we can’t wait to welcome our friends at the Australian Museum and Science Space who are visiting. Please check out the information, book a spot and mark your calendar for a month of prehistoric adventures!


Wednesday 6th & Wednesday 27th, 10.30 – 11.30am

Dino Detective’s with the Science Space
Calling all mini palaeontologists! Join the Science Space team for a morning of prehistoric fun. Head back to the Jurassic and discover how dinosaurs once ruled our world. Create different types of fossil casts, make a mini dino dig and paint your own plaster trilobite to take home.
Duration: 1 hour
Ages: Recommended for ages 4-10 years (no younger siblings)
Cost: $5 per child (an accompanying adult is required to be in attendance).
Book for Workshop 1: June 6
Book for Workshop 2: June 27 


Thursday 14th, 11am – 1pm

Fascinating Fossils with the Australian Museum
Join Australian Museum to learn more about Australian dinosaurs and the world they lived in by listening to a range of mini-talks, participating in a fossil touch table
and engaging in a range of dinosaur role play activities.

No bookings required. This is a drop-in session with mini talks and hands on resources.


11.30am & 1.30pm 

Enjoy a rolling range of themed Dinosaur activities throughout the week, including:

Dinosaur Dig
Become a mini palaeontologist and explore dinosaur fossils in our hands-on dig.  Come along and discover which dinosaurs had sharp claws,
gigantic spikes and furious looking teeth!*

Diprotodon Dig
Have you ever heard of a Diprotodon before? Come along and discover the remains of Australia’s ancient giant wombat. Learn all about its diet and how scientists think it became extinct.*

Dinosaur Poo
Discover the secrets of the past by making your own dinosaur poo. Learn how palaeontologists use dinosaur poo to find out more information about dinosaur diets. Beware this activity can be quite smelly!

Move Like a Dinosaur
Get ready to STOMP like a T-Rex, GLIDE like a Pteranodon and STROLL like a Stegosaurus! Make sure you have you’re ‘dino’ feet on for this action packed activity.

Join us for some sensory play where children experiment with the concept of water and ice to help their dinosaur friends hatch from their frozen eggs.

T-Rex Tummy Tour
What happens when you get eaten by a T-Rex?  Join us as we embark on a T-Rex Tummy Tour and learn all the ins and outs of this tyrant lizard’s digestive track.

Rocks, Fossils, Meteorites
Is this a rock, fossil or meteorite? Help us find out by participating in this hands-on activity exploring resources found on our planet and beyond. Hear all about how scientists believe dinosaurs became extinct.


STORY TIME : 10am, 12pm & 2pm

  • Discover what happens to Mike Brownlow and Simon Rickery’s ‘Ten Little Dinosaurs’ when they decide to go on an adventure
  • Learn the truth about how Dinosaurs became extinct in Claire Freedman and Ben Cort’s ‘Dinosaur Love Underpants’
  • Join the dinosaurs for a dance party in Tony Mitton and Guy Parker-Rees’ ‘Bumpus Jumpus Dinosaurumps’
  • Meet dinosaurs of every size, shape and colour in Paul Stickland and Henerietta Stickland’s classic picture book, ‘Dinosaur Roar’

ART : 11am, 1pm & 3pm

  • Become a dinosaur by making your own dinosaur mask. Decorate your mask with colours, textures and lots more!
  • Make your own clay dinosaur to take home. You’ll also learn some nifty clay crafting techniques.
  • STOMP, STOMP, STOMP it’s time to make our own dinosaur walking track.
  • Design your own dinosaur habitat by using natural materials.

*In the case of wet weather this activity will be held in the Cave experience.