National Science Week 2017


National Science Week is Australia’s annual celebration of science and technology. Each day of the week we’ll be exploring and experimenting with different sciences: physics, biology, earth & space sciences, maths, chemistry and engineering & technology. Running daily from Tuesday 15th August to Sunday 20th August. No bookings required and free (with entry into the Space).


child feeling slime and another child building


Science Week Timetable

Story Time: Come along to our cosy Book Nook to read stories exploring different science concepts every day!

Public Programs: We’ve got a range of FREE programs to help engage the whole family in asking questions, making predictions and trying things out!

Flying Whirligigs
How do things fly? What pushes them off the ground? Build your very own flying machines and try changing them to see how you can make them fly even higher!

Having a Ball
What happens when we push and pull on things? How do they move? Explore forces and motion the classical way: through experimentation and play!

Creepy Crawlies
What’s the difference between an insect and a bug? How do worms move with no legs? Discover a whole new world of tiny creatures through a magnifying glass, and then get up close and personal with them when our stick insects crawl on you!

Tummy Tour
What happens when we eat food? Why is it important to eat healthily? Come on a guided journey through the Discovery Space’s giant tummy to get covered in saliva, digested in the belly, and finally come out the other end!

Spinning in Space
Which is bigger – the sun or the moon? Why do we have days, seasons, and years? Explore the solar system to see just how massive the things in the sky really are, and then get up and move to experience how things spin through space!

Rocks, Fossils, Meteorites
What are fossils made of? Where do meteorites come from? Get hands-on with a collection of minerals, fossils and a meteorite that’s older than planet Earth to see just how much geology rocks!

All-In Build-In
Which shapes are strong for building? How do we know how many bricks to put in a wall? Put on your hard hat and come to the Discovery Space’s Construction Site to explore area, length and shapes as we build a house together!

Music to the Beat
Why do some noises sound nice, and others don’t? How can we turn noises into music? Delve deeper into music and discover the maths behind rhythm and tempo!

What do we need to blow bubbles? Can we change their shape, colour, or the way they move? Come and explore this amazing sensory experience by making your own bubble wand and then watching your colourful bubbles bob and weave through the air.

Paint Mixing
What happens when we mix things together? Can we take them apart again? Experiment with colours and paints by mixing things together to create a new masterpiece!

Why do some things move, and others stay still? What holds them together? Build cars, structures, cranes, or anything else you can imagine with our accessible Rigamajig building kit!

Code a Human
How do we talk to computers and robots? Why are instructions important? Program yourself, a friend, or even your parents to complete an obstacle course by arranging instructions on our tactile coding boards!

Craft: Join us as we transform CreARTivity into a messy lab and experiment with how science can make groovy, colourful art!

Silly Slime
What’s the difference between a liquid and a solid? Can you tell the difference when you feel them? Create your own simple slime to take home and feel the ooey gooey slime slide between your fingers!

Fidget Spinner Galaxies
Why do things go flying when they’re spun around? What will it look like if spin things with paint? Drop some paint on a fidget spinner and let angular momentum do the rest, as the paint spins off to create a beautiful, colourful galaxy!