October is Messy-Making Month! | Early Start Discovery Space

October is Messy-Making Month!


Messy Making Month

Slime, mud, shaving cream, bubbles, paint, cardboard, LEGO®, clay, foil, sand, and dinosaur poo… welcome to Messy Making Month at the Early Start Discovery Space! Put on some old clothes you don’t mind getting a little bit colourful as we mix, make, and get messy with different materials!

Every day of the month we will have free programs – including art sessions and story times – running every half hour* empowering little learners aged birth to 10 years to build, create and problem solve as we explore different ways of making art with no right or wrong end product.

For a full downloadable PDF of this month’s activities, click here


Cardboard Creators

Gather your tools and some cardboard to create on an enormous scale! Make castles, rockets, dinosaurs, or whatever else you like with our cardboard construction sets. Please note that this activity contains small parts and is not suitable for our younger visitors.

Dinosaur Poo

Discover the secrets of the pat by making your own dinosaur poo! Learn how palaeontologists use dinosaur poo to find out more information about dinosaur diets.

LEGO® Town Planning

Build a huge communal town by creating your own contributions with LEGO® bricks! Build a house, library, car, or whatever you like and join it together with everyone else to see the community you make together. Please note that this activity contains small parts and is not suitable for our younger visitors.

Paint Mixing

Discover new colours by mixing paint together! Experiment and play with different colours to find new combinations.

Sand Sculpting

Join us out in the Dig to shape and sculpt the sand! Use spades, buckets and more to create shapes, textures and patterns in the sand.

Tinfoil Smithing

Take up your hammer, grab some aluminium foil, and start smithing! Mould your foil into shape and hammer it to make it nice and strong.

Story Time – 10:00, 12:00 and 2:00 each day

Wombat Stew

Join us for the classic story of Wombat Stew as we combine the ingredients into ooey, gooey, yummy, chewy wombat stew!

I’m NOT Just a Scribble

Come on an adventure with a wayward scribble who sets out to prove to the more serious pieces of art that he’s just as much fun as any of them.

Beautiful Oops!

If you’ve ever accidentally ripped a page, spilt some paint, or drawn a line where you didn’t mean for it to go, this is the book for you! Learn about the beautiful art that can come about from making an oops.

A Colour of His Own

The chameleon is sad that he doesn’t have his own colour like the other animals. Learn about the colours and patterns that make us unique!

Art – 11:00, 1:00 and 3:00 each day

Suminagashi – Tuesday 9th – Sunday 14th

Explore the traditional art of Japanese marbling as we make incredibly detailed and colourful masterpieces!

Puffy Paint – Tuesday 23rd – Sunday 28th

Experiment with shaving cream to create a puffy paint that jumps right off the page.

Clay Statues – Tuesday 16th – Sunday 21st

Investigate statues from throughout history before moulding and sculpting your own from clay!

Ochre Painting – Tuesday 2nd – Sunday 7th

Inspired by the traditional Aboriginal art form, get your hands messy as you explore the vibrant colours of ochre.