Twelve Ways of Christmas | Early Start Discovery Space

Twelve Ways of Christmas


Tuesday 11 December –  Sunday 23 December

Join us at the Early Start Discovery Space as we explore 12 diverse and exciting ways to celebrate the festive season from different cultures around the world.

Each day will focus on a different culture’s interpretation of the festive season with fun games, food, crafts and traditions from that culture.


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Date Culture Activity
Tuesday, 11th of December Hanukkah Join in a tradition Hanukkah children’s game of Dreidel with a spinning top and tokens.
Wednesday, 12th December France Sing Christmas carols and find the hidden crowns in Connections Corner.
Thursday, 13th December Indonesia Make playdough that smell like the yummy pineapples used in the Indonesian biscuits called Nastar.
Friday, 14th December Macedonia Join in a Macedonian tradition and find a coin under your plate to win a bag of chocolate coins.
Saturday, 15th December Greece Create and decorate a Christmas lantern and guess the names of Christmas carols sung in Greek.
Sunday, 16th December Turkey Play a game to guess who is pretending to be St Nicholas.
Tuesday, 18th December China Learn how to write Merry Christmas in Chinese calligraphy.
Wednesday, 19th December Germany Decorate and eat your own gingerbread. Right way up and it’s a man, upside down and it’s a reindeer! Learn how to use sign language to the German carol, Silent Night.
Thursday, 20th December Philippines Make your own traditional Filipino Christmas decoration, a parol, to take home.
Friday, 21st December Italy Look out for La Befana, the kind Italian witch who will be handing our chocolate coins to all the good boys and girls. Help us create our own nativity scene.
Saturday, 22nd December Spain Take part in our own Spanish Christmas Lottery, El Gordo. There are great little prizes up for grabs.
Sunday, 23rd December Nigeria Dress up for our Calabar Carnival and dance on our colourful fireworks dancefloor made with large bubble wrap.