Bricks & Clicks | Early Start Discovery Space

Bricks & Clicks

LEGO® brick hub for inquisitive
designers & inspired minds.

With over 10,000 LEGO® bricks at the ready Bricks & Clicks is a hub where children can develop their own mini worlds and unique creations.


Multiple baseplate surfaces allow for 360 degree possibilities including sticky block tape that runs anywhere, vertical wall plates and purpose built baseplate tables. And, at the Click, Click, Create iPad station children can animate their creations and make a stop-motion brick film! Come and create and collaborate with other inquisitive designers and build new worlds together.


Bricks & Clicks’ Features

  • 10 000 LEGO® bricks
  • Baseplate wall from floor to ceiling
  • ‘Click, Click Create’ iPad station for making stop-motion brickfilm animations
  • Purpose built tables for city scape building including roads
  • Flexible block tape to take your creations off of the tables
  • DUPLO® block station
  • Rocket display shelf to display your creations

While we’re playing, what might we learn?

  • Creativity & Imagination: open-ended construction with no limitations, no right or wrong and no fear of failure
  • Problem solving & mathematical thinking: following specific design instructions involves focus and attention to detail. Exploring symmetry, division and fractions as pieces are manipulated in relation to each other.
  • Self-esteem: achieving the end product, placing it on the shelf to show off what they have created will help boost their self-esteem and give them a sense of satisfaction
  • Confidence: by succeeding and being able to take risks freely when engaged with play, children develop confidence to be able to achieve more the next time.

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