We’re waiting at the construction zone for some labourers

We need brickies, tilers, roofers, painters, plumbers and floorers. Think you’re up to the task? Safety is our Number One priority, so pop on your hi-vis vest, helmet and pick up some tools (don’t worry big people – they’re child-friendly) and let’s get started on building this home. Brick up a wall, connect the water pipes, lay the carpet tiles, paint the walls and learn roofing techniques.

Construction Features

  • Hi-vis vests and safety helmets for dressing up
  • Wooden house frame
  • Bricks for building in walls, plumbing pipes and connectors, carpet tiles for laying

While we’re playing, what might we learn?

  • The concepts of measurement, space and weight
  • Developing processes and systems – including for safety
  • Role play and assuming different roles within a team

Fun Fact:
Many houses in the rural districts of Nepal are constructed of cow dung mixed with mud, sand, and clay





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