Crawlers' Beach | Early Start Discovery Space

Crawlers’ Beach

A safe haven for birth – 2 yr olds

In the first 18months a baby will learn to lift their head, roll over, sit, crawl, stand and walk. Play is the natural way your baby will learn to develop these skills. The Crawler’s Beach experience features a jetty (with glass peep holes), submarine (with two way glass and a periscope), sensory beach towels, tummy time sea creature pillows and a treasure chest (full of books and games to play with). The experience was designed in consultation with Early Years educators and Early Start researchers to translate research into practice to create a purpose built area from those from birth to two years.


Crawlers’ Beach Features

  • Jetty (with glass peep holes)
  • Submarine (with two way glass and a periscope)
  • Sensory beach towels
  • Tummy time sea creature pillows
  • Treasure chest (full of books and games to play with)

While we’re playing, what might we learn?

  • Encourages sensory exploration (touch, smell, hear, see)
  • Gross motor fitness (roll, climb, pulling up)
  • Communication (express joy and achievement!)

Read the Fact Sheet here before you visit to get the most out of the Experience.

Fun Fact: Black, red and white colours have been used throughout this experience as it provides contrast for babies to make out patterns and shapes and develop their vision.