Shipyard | Early Start Discovery Space

The Shipyard

Trim the sails and hoist the ropes!

We’re off to sail the high seas from the HMAS Discovery.

Prepare for your journey by taking on stores, securing your cargo and donning your captain’s hat. Take the helm, climb the ladder and navigate a journey of discovery around the world and beyond. Explorer ship, pirate ship, naval supply ship: the eight-metre long, five metre-high HMAS Discovery is a budding sailor’s dream.

The Shipyard Experience features

  • Eight metre long, five metre high tall ship with sails
  • Steering deck with steering wheel and navigation controls
  • Dock area including stores, trolleys and related materials

While we’re playing, what might we learn?

  • Understanding the adventure, history, culture, art and science in the settlement of Australia
  • Journey preparation: experience the adventure of preparing a ship to sail and operation of a ship
  • Learn about early navigation techniques and the study of natural science

Fun Fact: The Ship is completely adaptable and is currently a modern day Navy vessel!