The Cave | Early Start Discovery Space

The Cave

Feel the thrill of an explorer in unknown territory

Are you scared of dark spooky spaces? No need to be in our cave, because you can grab a torch and explore in delight (get it!). It might’ve been a mine, or, perhaps you’ll find evidence that gigantic wombats once lived here. All we know is it’s very, very dark and has lots of little nooks and crannies to crawl through. Perhaps you can spot some of the cave’s inhabitants.



The Cave features

  • Spaces for crawling through and climbing up
  • Torches for light
  • Animals and insects to discover

While we’re playing, what might we learn?

  • Experience the sensation of underground exploration, with a torch, in a realistic cave space
  • Promote interest in Earth Science and the extraction and use of material we rely on

Fun Fact: Many of the world’s largest known caves are in Asia – the Miao Room Chamber in China, Malaysia’s Sarawak Chamber and Son Doong Cave in Vietnam.