Critter Express | Early Start Discovery Space

Critter Express


Travel and transport by train has been central to life in the Illawarra since the late 1800’s and now the Critter Express is pulling into the brand new Discovery Space station. Are you the driver or the stoker? The station master or a busy commuter? Dress up and hop on, buy your ticket, read the timetable, figure out your travel time, take the wheel, shovel coal, load luggage or simply sit and gaze out the window; there is so much to do.


Alongside the Critter Express sits our interactive diorama with vintage carriages, landscapes that echo local landmarks and interactive light and sound elements. The iPad controlled engines allow drivers to play innovative digital games that test accuracy and speed.

The Train Experience Features

  • A model train diorama, inspired by local Illawarra landscapes, with controllable lights and sounds;
    plus Wifi connectivity to control and play interactive iPad games
  • Large-scale, multi-mode train engine where children can shovel coal into the engine,
    move coal/luggage with sack trolleys
  • Station setting with waiting benches, ticket booth, dress up area and timetable signal-board.

While we’re playing, what might we learn?

  • History: experience how transport and how it has changed with technology over the years.
  • Comprehend: How to read and understand a timetable.
  • Explore: How trains move and are controlled.

Fun Fact: This experience was inspired by the donation of 8000 vintage model trains
from the estate of a local enthusiast.