Tummy Tour | Early Start Discovery Space

Tummy Tour

Crawl in and out of the inflatable intestine

Ever wondered what it would be like to be a piece of food travelling through the digestive system? Well here’s your chance to explore one of the body’s most important organs. Take a tour with a ‘tummy guide’, who will provide an interactive trip complete with digestive juices and alarmingly accurate sound effects! Grab a gut map, put on your protective clothing and enjoy your tour.

The Tummy Tour features

  • A chance to explore an inflatable intestine
  • Model molecules: carbohydrate, protein and fats
  • Informative map that explains each region of the stomach
  • Heart beat, lungs breathing and digestive noises

While we’re playing, what might we learn?

  • The structure and operation of the stomach and intestines and their importance to health and wellbeing
  • The process of digestion – including stomach acids and the diversity and balance of gut bacteria
  • The importance of healthy food and diet and exercise to keeping the body healthy

Fun Fact: Only the first part of digestion happens in the stomach – most digestion occurs in the small and large intestines.