November is Music Making Month! | Early Start Discovery Space

November is Music Making Month!


Music Month

Jingle and jangle your way into November this month with the sound of Music! From the 29th of October through to the 2nd of December, the Discovery Space will be the hub for all activities music based. We have a wide range of special activities that will allow your children to express their innate desire to create. From body movement activities such as Musical Footprints & Body Percussion, through to creation themed ones like Printing to the Music and Natural Wind Chime Making, we have something here for everyone at the Discovery Space this Month.

For a full program of this month’s activities, click here

Recycling Week: Tuesday 12th November – Sunday 18th November (inclusive)

As part of our Music Month program, the Early Start Discovery Space will be celebrating National Recycling week from Tuesday 12th November – Sunday 18th November (inclusive).During recycling week, our themed activities will incorporate environmental messages about re-using and repurposing materials and making conscious choices to minimise waste. Through story and song we can show how different environments can be vulnerable and how we can play an active role in protecting these environments.

Special Activities

  • We will be partnering with ‘The Con Artists’ from Wollongong Conservatorium of Music on Sunday 2nd December 1pm for a parade and performance through the Early Start Discovery Space.
  • On 7th November at 10am we will have a special book reading of ‘Reece give me some peace’ by author Sonia Bestulic. There will be an extended session of music making and art exploration to follow. Books will be available to purchase and be signed.
  • String quartet ‘Clear Strings’ on Friday 23rd November will play a selection of music associated with the seasons and then look at different characteristics of that make evocative music.


Rhyme & Rhythm

Join in singing the classic song Old MacDonald had a Farm with puppets, props and costumes.

Musical Footprints

Watch how your feet leave traces and patterns as we test out different types of dancing on colourful and textured mats.

Body Percussion

Explore how many unique and individual sounds you can make, just by using the human body! Turn voice and clapping into an actual song with rhythm and melody.

Musical Statues

Learn bodily awareness and control of expressive body movements in this great activity. Musical statues will be fun for the whole family!

Mini Orchestra

Using a wide variety of musical instruments, sing and play along in your very own mini orchestra.

Water Drums

Create your own rhymes, games, songs and other simple compositions using a variety of weird and whacky materials such as pots, pans, bowls water jugs and much more.

Story Time – 10:00, 12:00 and 2:00 each day

The Very Noisy Bear

Join us for the very noisy bear, as he desperately tries to figure out the perfect instrument to play ! Will he find the one that is just right?

Giraffes Can’t Dance

Gerald would love to join in with the other animals at the Jungle Dance, but everyone knows that giraffes can’t dance …or can they?

The Jazz Man

Jive your way into the Book Nook with this toe-tapping jazz tribute! The traditional “This Old Man” gets a swinging makeover, and some of the era’s best musicians take centre stage.

The Incredible Freedom Machines

Settle in and explore the importance of looking after our land and repurposing used and lost parts to create something new that may serve a different purpose in Kirli Saunders The Incredible Freedom Machines.

We’re Going on a Croc Hunt

Join some brave friends as they go off in search of a cranky crocodile in Laine Mitchell’s We’re going on a Croc Hunt.

Nursery Rhymes and Song

Sing along to a wide variety of nursery rhymes and song in the book nook.

Art – 11:00 – 2:00 each day

Printing to the Music – Tue 30th Oct – Sun 4th Nov

Experiment making lines and patterns in wet paint to the sound of music before creating a mono-print to reflect that musical piece.

Natural Wind Chime – Tue 6th Nov – Sun 11th Nov

Make a wind chime and explore the weight and balance of different natural materials to incorporate into your piece.

Rain Sticks – Tue 13th Nov – Sun 18th Nov

Create and collage a tubular rain stick using colours that enhance the sounds that we can hear within.

Experimental Music and Painting – Tue 20th Nov – Sun 25th Nov

Join us as we paint a communal artwork with a mixture of musical paintbrushes that make different sounds when used in differing ways.

Clay Shakers – Tues 27th Nov – Sun 2nd Dec

Create and decorate your very own clay shaker whilst experimenting how size, shape and thicknesses change the way things sound.