Self-Regulation Day | Early Start Discovery Space

Self-Regulation Day


Self-Regulation Day Details

Location: Early Start Discovery Space, University of Wollongong
Date: Wednesday, 26th September
Time: 9am-6pm (extended hours)

Self-Regulation Day is a full day of activities informed by the Early Start PRSIST research initiative, designed to challenge and expand your child’s ability to self-regulate their behaviour, emotion and social interactions in a fun and intentional way.

What is Self-Regulation?

Self-regulation refers to our ability to control our thinking, behaviours, emotional reactions and social interactions. For instance, by the end of the preschool years a well self-regulated child can sustain their attention and resist distraction, endure temptations and delay gratification, wait their turn, consider the consequences of their actions, and persist with challenging activities – even when it is difficult to do so. The purpose of this Speaker Series is to talk about the nature of self-regulation (what it is – including aspects we often don’t think about), why it is important (for now and for later) and to highlight playful, low-cost and everyday activities that adults can use to engage and support children’s self-regulation development.

List of Activities

Over the course of Self-Regulation Day, there will be a number of cognitive, behavioural and social emotional activities taking place in the Discovery Space. Dr Steven Howard will be opening the day, with a reading of Polly and her Lolly, which will then be followed up by a number of other self-regulation focused activities evenly spaced throughout the remainder of the day. These will include a number of story readings and exercises, art activities and self-regulation yoga. We don’t want the school kids to miss out on all the fun so we have extended our opening hours to make it possible for them to come along later in the afternoon!

Shop Specials

We will be selling Dr Steven Howard’s Self-Regulation books at a big discount on Self-Regulation Day, so that you can take some of these fundamental development tools home with you. I Don’t Miss The Shopping ListPolly And Her Lolly, and The Pear That Wasn’t There will be available to purchase as a set of three for $30 (reduced from $45). Quincey Quokka’s Quest will also be available separately for $10.

For more information on these resources, click here