Commitments & Expectations | Early Start Discovery Space

Commitments & Expectations


Commitments & Expectations – The Discovery Space

Our aim is to create a space where parents, carers and children feel safe, get creative and have lots and lots of fun.

Our attitude
Our Discovery Guides will do their best to ensure you and your family have a fantastic experience. We strive to be approachable, proactive and positive hosts.

We want your feedback! Please help us make your next visit even more fun and enjoyable. Please provide  feedback about your experience, either directly to  a Discovery Guide or via our contact us page.

Your safety and comfort has been central to our design of the Discovery Space experiences and facilities. Industry experts have advised us on our design and inspected our facility. Please speak with one of our Discovery Guides if you have questions, concerns or suggestions.

Professional cleaning is conducted regularly and as required in peak times. Our staff will monitor cleanliness and rectify as required. Please notify one of our Discovery Guides if you notice anything needing attention.

Commitments & Expectations – Visitors

We ask parents and carers to come to the Discovery Space prepared to be active participants: to dig, crawl, make, balance, build, jump and dance with their children.

Actively participate
Our experiences are hands on, and built across age groups. In some instances, some elements of the experiences may not be suitable for babies, toddlers or smaller children. You know your child best – if something seems too challenging it may be better to explore another adventure.  Our Discovery Guides are there to provide information about each experience, including activities suitable for each age group.

Supervision and safety
Please actively supervise your children during your visit. Know where they are, and what they are doing, at all times.

If you, or your child, are unwell with a potentially transferrable illness (for example, the flu, cold, vomiting, diarrhea), please  postpone your visit until you are feeling better.

The Discovery Space DOES NOT carry medication (including Epipens or asthma reliever medication). It is your responsibility to supply children in your care with medication if required.

External hazards
Be aware when you leave the Discovery Space. The UOW campus is wonderful to explore, but supervision must be maintained at all times. Potential hazards include roads, carparks, watercourses and stairs.